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iPad App/Software

I purchased an iPad application when I renewed my overall subscription/service, but do not know how to download the iPad app/software, and connect it to my data base of wine. Help!

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i want to be able to view my wine collection on my iPad, how?

It appears this question has been asked, but not answered. Hello??


There is no question eSommelier is a great product but the support leaves a lot to be desired. I assume many of you, if not all, have noticed there no longer is a link to since it has changed from erobertparker and eSommelier, despite my pointing this out over a month ago, has done nothing to rectify the situation. For well over a month fields are not populated with any information from Parker. It amazes me that for the $500 "yearly subscription" that the company has done nothing to fix what really is a simple problem.
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